Our Mission

  • To establish tissue culture units in the Manipur and Northeast India and commercial tissue culture laboratories.
  • To produce elite planting materials through micro propagation.
  • To set up language courses for Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai and Burmese.
  • To establish horticultural crops mother-block and floriculture units.
  • To supply chain and setting up of new business by forming clusters of farmers for Farmer Producer Companies (FPCs).
  • To provide consultations on sustainable farming and agribusiness, acquisition and merger.
  • To impart training on strategic research and development, backward linkages in chain development, quality system development and process monitoring.
  • To monitor environmental degradation and its impact on nature.
  • To take up the task of socio-cultural responsibility and conserve positive traditional knowledge system.

As one of Manipur's leading centres of teaching and research excellence in the Humanities and Languages, SEACASH will impart education and pedalogical values to our students so that they become global citizens, through language learning, historical, cultural and linguistic understanding, critical self-reflection and engagement with the world in general and Asian nations in particular.