Our Associates Partners

As of now MARJING INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED is mostly working with other companies/institutes. We are organizing farmers training programme from time to time on different specific crops and subjects in collaboration or sponsorship with the respective institutes/company to build up capacity of the farmers and refinement and demonstration of crop management technologies and promotion of value addition.

List of Associate Institutes/Company:

  1. Bena India Pvt.. Ltd., New Delhi
  2. Integrated Institute of Sustainable Management (IISM), Imphal
  3. Extension Education Institute of India NE-Region (EEI), Jorhat
  4. Central Institute of Horticulture (CIH), Medziphema, Nagaland
  5. National Research Centre on Citrus, Nagpur, Maharashtra
  6. Department of Horticulture and Soil Conservation, Government of Manipur s
  7. Horti Farm Corporation, Bangalore
  8. Jain Irrigation System, Jalgaon
  9. Sheel Biotech, Delhi
  10. Florance Flora Marketing, Bangalore
  11. Directorate of Environment, Government of Manipur

Through imparting language courses, SEACASH strives to cultivate partnerships with the local and global communities in addressing the future challenges of our time. This endeavour will eventually promote excellence in traditional values and scientific temperament to the community at large.