About Us

      Inspired by the quote, "Agriculture : a profession with future", MARJING INDUSTRIES PRIVATE LIMITED was formed and incepted in 2016 with its head office (administrative) at Lairikyengbam Leikai, Imphal East and training, technology & farm centre at Kameng Khunjao, Imphal East, which started working and managing by agriculture, horticulture and allied professionals experts under the chairmanship. The company is being governed by the chairman, consultants and advisors with board of directors.

      The main contributing factors towards building these attitude was unemployment and uncontrolled practices of agriculture. The company is focussing to provide self employment by giving skill development trainings on various trades/disciplines mostly to the farmers and school and college drop outs of rural areas by seeking aid from relevant department/ organisation/ company. The company has well qualified and skill manpower and it is focusing to tide up with Institute through PPP model.

      After painstaking multiple years, the company is forwarding towards the proximity of target. The company is dealing with many multinational companies and government departments to boost the technical know-how and relevant activities. The company is endeavouring rigidly to show evidently as a reputable, trustworthy and prestigious house of North East India.


      Indian sub continent with its varied agro climatic zones and skilled labour force is ideally suited for the production of all high value vegetable, fruits and ornamental crops. By these years, the company is going to offer skills in collaboration with SOUTH-EAST ASIA CENTRE FOR AGRICULTURAL SCIENCES AND HUMANITIES (SEACASH) which is based at Imphal, Manipur, specially to the poor and under privilege youths of Manipur and has also diversified into production and marketing of standardized biotechnology products, nursery of high value fruit crops, vegetables and flowers acceptable to international stage.

      We have 3.37 hectares of climate controlled Hi-Tech Green house/ shade net house area to facilitate production under controlled condition. The area of agricultural contract crop production operation extends over many villages especially in hilly region.

      The laboratory, training centre and farm is equipped with modern, standardised relevant machineries to run the different production units. The company possesses humidity and temperature controlled (cold storage) chamber facilities for storing valuable vegetable, cut flowers and seeds until dispatch.

Our Certificates

1. GST Certificate
2. Certification of Incorporation